Spyder Da Chieff

To name oneself after a spider is a HEAVY claim…meaning he/she has multiple arms and multiple hands in many things. William Cole aka Spyder has been a well known jack-of-all-trades for some time. Hailing from Capitol Heights, Maryland (and D Street NE DC respectively), Da Chieff has seen the music scene of the DMV rise and fall and go through every phase to find it’s way in the current climate. His offering: TRUTH MUSIC. “Truth Music to me…is life. The ups and downs, good and bad. Christ is the way…the truth and through life the only way to the Most High is through Him” he informs when asked what his brand of music is.


As a refound Hebrew Israelite, he shoulders the responsibility of not just providing music to rock to, but with the same underlying message and meaning of his lifestyle. The same Spyder just heard blasting his truths through your car speakers is the SAME Spyder you’ll see on your YouTube notifications, speaking a morning motivation or showing the recipe to a food cuisine that improves the listeners health and well being. Coming from the areas he’s been raised in, crime and danger were no strangers to him early on in life, so like most his age he fell to the streets temptation. Learning to make a negative a positive, this gave him the range to speak on the change from the streets to better living as someone that’s LIVING PROOF.


The journey to Truth Music awarded him skills to produce, engineer and video direct/edit with some of the DMV’s most prominent rising talent as well as staples of the scene. Notables are his work with Paisley The Hebrew (“Still At It”), “Running Man” with PolohCo and “I Don’t Stress” with Bravo. Also to balance his repertoire, he posts daily on his YouTube channel life gems and has with names such as 66 Books Productions and currently Mad Fire Entertainment. Showing no signs of slowing down, expect only to see more of Spyder Da Chieff and his signature slogan (YESH) on even bigger projects, not just because his natural talent always won over a crowd…but because real recognize real and he is respected from all walks of life for being a man that lives every word he recites…#YESH