Mixing & Mastering

Get your song professionally mixed and mastered.

Our in-house and studio based mixing & mastering engineers have all the knowledge, skills and hardware to take your tracks to the next level and to make it sound professional.

General Information

We offer mixing and mastering services at an affordable price. Below are a few examples of tracks that we have mixed and mastered. Before sending payment or requesting a quote, please read the instructions and requirements.

General Pricing

  • Our Pro Mixing rates are $75 per song
  • Our Pro Mastering rates start $35 per song
  • Discount is applied when ordering multiple songs

File Delivery

To progress with a mix or master you’ll just have to provide a download link to your WAV files, preferably compressed as a Zip file.Wetransfer.com is a great and free way to send big files. If your total file size exceeds 2GB you can still send your files in a few batches.

NOTE: Only send what you’d like us to mix. We do not audition tracks for the final mix.


  • Files should be mono or stereo WAV 16 or 24bit files, 44.1k or 48k
  • For mixing services it is essential that all your audio files/stems line up in the same place
  • Make sure your files contain no major pre or post production effects
  • Any specific effects that you want on any tracks will need to be bounced down (We may not use all the plugins or settings that you use)
  • Please provide a rough demo mix so our engineers can take your track in the desired direction
  • Feel free to include a few Youtube links or further audio files for your favorite artist references
  • 1 free major revision (amendment) included

Further Questions

If you’re keen to get rolling, great! Click “Order Now” and complete your payment securely via PayPal. Right after purchase we’ll be back in touch via email, and guide you through the next steps.

If you have any further questions on our mastering and mixing services then do not hesitate to drop our team a line at madfireentertainment@gmail.com

You’ll find our audio services will powerfully launch your tunes to the next level! We look forward to hearing your music!

Mix & Mastering Service

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