I was born and raised by the culture and music of Wilmington Delaware. I’ve been producing masterful beats for 6 years, building my studio with the best and most efficient equipment. My production skills are organic yet well-trained, gritty yet precise, and with a sharp and sensitive musical ear that can determine the right elements in each track. In being a perfectionist, you can expect unique high-quality beats with diverse base lines in my catalog. My purpose in producing is to bring a force that is a cornucopia of real life experiences everyone can relate to. Every beat takes you to any time and place in history, whether in the past or in the making because “timing is everything” as titled in my latest project.

M.A.D. Rapper

In addition to producing various genres of artist, I compose lyrics and perform as a rap artist. I began performing my material in 2015. My lyrics are socially conscious but objective in my experiences and observations of the human experience. In performing, my style is straight to the point and focuses on lyrical messages that leave the gimmick rhymes at the door. See my signature performance “disguise” and style here. (link to video performance)